How We Became Adorkable

Adorkable Apparel is a brand new fashion line launching trending tees and crop tops designed by Fantasy Pop Singer-Songwriter, Traci Hines. Traci is most known for her music, Disney fandom and mermaid personas. She's credited as being the original Hipster Mermaid (IRL) and is recognized throughout the interwebs for her likeness to The Little Mermaid. Her passion for all things geeky, animated and artsy inspire her design work, and she absolutely loves dreaming up whimsical, fantasy-inspired creations. Traci's design experience began with her own costumes, fashion, wigs and makeup artistry, and eventually she began creating couture pieces for others too: mermaid-themed accessories, costume accessories and couture wigs sold in her Etsy shop, Siren's Grotto. She still enjoys creating these one of a kind items, but wanted to launch a line of products that was a bit more accessible and available, and that reflected the quirkier side of her personality. She realized that so many of her friends shared her unique view on fashion: fearless, unapologetic and totally dorky; looking for wearable ways to display their unique personalities and pop culture favorites. With that realization, and a magnanimous offer to partner with her, from her talented photographer-brother, Cam Oden, Adorkable Apparel was born.

Adorkable Apparel merch is produced exclusively in the good ol' USA, and its headquarters is in Southern California. Our graphic tees and crop tops are either digitally printed or screen-printed by hand. Brother and sister team Traci and Cam work hard to produce only the best quality products, and won't sell anything Traci wouldn't personally die to wear herself! After modeling for (other) successful retail companies, it seemed only fitting that she be the face of Adorkable Apparel. Hipster glasses and all. But here at Adorkable we're not hipsters. Rather, Dreamsters. (The rose colored lenses are figurative, but we swear, they're there). Adorkable status occurs when fantasy and reality make friends, and the girl next door is really a mermaid in disguise.