• Introducing...HEROES & VILLAINS!

    We are pretty thrilled to announce the release of our 2 newest designs, which not only kick off our Heroes & Villains collections (aka More Heroes & Villains coming soon!), but also the release of our very 1st GUYS tee! You talked, we listened. Guys, you said you wanted to be Adorkable too, so we decided to start making some tees that you can snatch up right here on!

    The first in our dynamic duo is the YOU CAN FLY TEE, inspired by the boy who never grew know, the one that lives in Neverland! This tee is available for both guys and girls, and features a red feather graphic over a grass green tee. Meant to remind our followers that you really can do ANYTHING you put your mind to....even fly! This super comfy tee is great for any adventuring you have planned, and is representative of one of our all-time favorite Heroes. Wear it accordingly.

    (Thanks to Andrew Ducote for so graciously modeling for us! Did you guys know Andrew is our official Adorkable Cinematographer? He is usually the one behind the camera, and makes all of our totally Adorkable videos).


    The second tee in our October release features a darker side of Adorkable, and celebrates one of our favorite Villains, just in time for Halloween! Put on an air of mystery...and this shirt, and prepare to bewitch your friends and cast a spell in this ode to the one and only Sea Witch! The SEA WITCH TEE features purple and inky-black tentacles writhing and wrapping across the waist of a black, scoop-neck tee. This one's form fitting with a quite flattering shape, and is the first in our upcoming collection of Villain-inspired Adorkable tees & merch! Currently available in our usual Small-XXL size range. We're working hard on getting some extended sizing for this one soon, so stay posted for that!



    BTW, did you know we also added Extended Sizing for our DINGLEHOPPER TANK? It was available in XS-L, but we've since added sizes XL-XXXL! Check out the slightly new style for those sizes on our gorgeous model, Jasmine Ladjevardi!



    Well, I think that's about it for now! But we'll be back soon with new styles-we've got lots more in store! And to all you Mermaids out there, don't worry! We've got more coming for you too! As always, we love getting your feedback and hearing about how you're enjoying your Adorkable Apparel™, so hit us up on facebook, insta and beyond! Links below!


    @AdorkableNews on insta/twitter


    Stay Adorkable, and Happy Halloween!



    Traci (Adorkable Creator & the mermaid next door!)


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