• Of Hooks and Horns

    Happy Valentines Day & Happy February! It's the month of LOVE and we couldn't love you more! Yeah, YOU!

    We also couldn't be more excited to release our 2 newest styles...not only are they inspired by some more of our favorite fairy tales, but they also include another unisex tee (so you Adorkable guys can once again get in on the action)!

    The Dragon Tee joins our villain line up and is the first design we've released in a dolman style tee. The fit is relaxed and a bit flowy and is one of the softest tees in our collection. The shirt features a dark photo realistic horn graphic that symbolizes Dragon horns, and the tee itself is a purple heather tri-blend. We've shared our love for mermaids with you over and over again...and we promise we won't stop anytime soon! But we're thrilled to add yet another favorite mythical creature to the mix. Whether you wear it for the classic evil fairy turned fire-breather, the famous Dragon of middle earth, or another Dragon that's enchanted your heart, you're sure to be an enigma in this dramatic yet ridiculously comfortable tee.

    Our You Can Fly Tee now has a nemesis...welcome the Hook Unisex Tee! Villain or not, we've got a soft spot for the good Captain, and we know you probably do too. Here is our tribute to one of the staples and everlasting symbols of Neverland...THE Hook. This tee is for guys AND girls (as shown by our fantastic new models, Leo Camacho and Jenny Newman). Tee features a dark Hook graphic with golden & white detail on a vintage red heather tri-blend unisex V neck. One of the comfiest shirts you'll ever own, not to mention the swankiest. (Especially if you add that smolder-approved charcoal around your eyes). Plz excuse us while we post the obligatory #guyliner #hashtag. That Captain Hook is a classy fellow.  

    Once upon a time we here at Adorkable Apparel™ had a create fashion inspired by the nostalgia, adventure & beauty of our favorite fairy tales. As we come up on our 1 year anniversary in just a few short months, we'd like to once again just say a giant THANK YOU to YOU: Our customers and supporters! You have made us feel like we're living a fairy tale! We're convinced we have the most wonderful, Adorkable customers around. We love seeing you rock your Adorkable Apparel™ all across the world, (thanks to the wonderful technology of the interwebs!) To thank you, please accept this giant virtual hug from me & my Team here in sunny California. We love being tagged in your pix and seeing how you rock your Adorkable! Make sure to tag us on instagram and/or facebook for the chance to be featured on our social media pages, and stay tuned to @adorkablenews for more news & giveaways coming soon! You won't wanna miss it!

    Let's keep in touch! We <3 You! Xo!

    @AdorkableNews on insta/twitter


    <3 Traci (Adorkable Apparel™ Creator & the mermaid next door)



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